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The Keyless Treasure Room

Cerita tentang sebuah ruang harta karun misterius, dua juru kunci dan seorang gadis hilang.
The Keyless Treasure Room

There is a mysterious treasure room called "Arkasha." This room holds so much treasure, even more than you can imagine. But, because of its immense power, it never stays long enough in one place. It's also always hard to reach.

One time, it appeared in the middle of active volcanos. The other time, it appears in the middle of oceans.

Why is this treasure room so special, you asked?

First, it holds so many treasures. You can even build a kingdom with its treasure.

Second, it holds a mysterious power that can grant your wish if you know how to ask.

Third, if you ever reach it, standing near it can get you something or just increase your luck.

So many people try to find and open this room, but only two people have the key to this room.

The two individuals are Yen and Kan. But, they decide to break the key that they hold. It's not because they hate the room or feel unworthy. It's just the room itself is so hard to control, even for two of them.

They decide to walk away from Arkasha and let the faith determine what will happen to the room.

After Yen and Kan left. The room becomes dormant for so many years. It's like it is waiting for either Yen or Kan to come back and open it again. Maybe it doesn't know that its key is already broken and became a keyless treasure room.

After almost a decade, the room was finally active again. For the first time in a while, it moves again. The room shows all its treasure to the world, even promises it will grant any of your wishes if only you can open it.

Many new people try to find it and open it. Many finally reached it, but no one held the key to open it. Until one day...

Someone appears, a lost girl who maybe never knew about Arkasha. She never wants the treasure of Arkasha or opens the room. But, the room was open for her even without the key.

People did not believe what they saw, a mysterious treasure room finally opened its door for someone.

The lost girl still does not understand what is going on. She stands in front of a room that is full of possibilities. She can be the queen of a new kingdom and have anything in the world. But she chooses to walk away. Why? Because she is not looking for the room, she looking for something else.

What happens next?

Arkasha closed its door again. Everybody who stands near it can hear many mechanical locks move together to lock the grand door of Arkasha. What anybody doesn't know yet is... the keyhole is also gone. It becomes a keyless treasure room.

Arkasha will become dormant for now, but for how long? Its power and treasure still attract many people worldwide, but they just want to stand near it and never open it.

And without a keyhole, nobody knows how to open it even if you have the key like Yen and Kan.